Naughty Elf

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Hooray! Paco’s Back!

This is Paco.

Everyone say “Hi Paco!”

The kids are much better behaved when this creepy little elf is “watching” them. They’ll be good so Santa brings them all the goodies their little hearts desire. I’m guessing I won’t be getting anything from Santa though, I’m pretty sure he’s still pissed at me for how I let Paco behave last year.

Given all the speculation about poor Elmo at the moment, I almost feel bad. Not bad enough not to include it mind you, but a little bit bad.

Not even the big guy was safe.

Have you got any naughty elf photos floating around? If so, email them to me at I’ll put ‘em all together for a future post. If I get enough, maybe we’ll have a contest for the dirtiest. Poor little elf.

Have a great weekend!

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